Devon Clarke recorded the first song ever released on Bent Backs Records, it was almost a duty to give him back the microphone for the first album of the label.

3 years after Hangin’ In Deh (which has been remixed by B-No for the occasion), Devon Clarke a.k.a. Bobo Saw continues his musical mission helped by talented riddim makers close from the Brooklyn-based label. This album opens with a recut (made by B-No) of a riddim used by King Kong for his ‘If And But’. Devon introduces himself and says that he would be always put Rasta On Top despite the difficulties he encounters everyday. His characteristic Waterhouse style can then take all its dimension on a timeless riddim rebuilt by Marshall Neeko :  Tempo riddim.  On that track he’s wondering why, even sounding like Tenor Saw or Nitty gritty, he can’t get the renown he deserves to “spot and Beat The Banker”. Yami Bolo gave Devon’s nickname with a simple story : Devon sounds like Tenor Saw, but as the difference that he follows the way of living of Bobo Ashantis. A dedication to rasta present in the title Jah Is In Everything, on a riddim known from Bent Backs followers because made by D&H for BBR002. Last and not the least, in some kind of lyrical summary, Soldier is here to place Devon Clarke in his context, with his brooklyn army, including one the most talented singjay from the rising generation : JonnyGo Figure. This last riddim was created by an upcoming riddim maker from Rennes : Roll and Record.


Side B contains 4 riddims and a dub version of Soldier. Plenty of musical weapons for live sessions!