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Bent Backs Sound was founded in 2009 in Rennes (France) by Lo and Simon. Passionated about the 80's era of reggae, they've collected rare records, cut original dubplates along with promoting artists and organizing gigs in their hometown. During this period they have collaborated with french artists such as Kenyon or Keefaz, and international singers like Million Dan, Solo Banton and Deadly Hunta. After two years of a quick evolution (the team also expanded, welcoming two other selecta : Slim & Sekta and a singer : Puppa Zeya), in 2011, Lo relocated to Brooklyn, NY and decided to move forward and produce his own records. 

After a first release pretty well received in the community - riddim is a recut made by D&H from the underrated "Musical Shot" (Sir Tommy's), staring Johnny Osbourne and Devon Clarke - they've decided to continue collaborating with established jamaican artists (King Kong, Echo Minott, Ranking Joe...) but with an intention of promoting upcoming artists (Jay Spaker, Fari DiFuture, JonnyGo Figure...). 

The catalog has a broad choice of vocalist, but just a few sound engineers (D&H, B-No, Noxious No) and only one graphic artist (Mael Boutin). Which is meant to keep special color to all records.

Bent Backs can also play DJ sets and the performance features a unique selection of rare records, exclusives dubplates, unreleased productions and could include any singer who appears on the catalog. Expect a shower of vibes!

For any booking enquiries, please contact us at bentbackrecords@gmail.com



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